Environmental monitoring in the Clyde estuary


Sailing up the Clyde estuary on a fishing trip sounds like a fun leisure trip but it is part of a typical days work for our marine scientists.

Come rain or shine, our marine chemists and ecologists work with the tides to monitor water quality and investigate the range of biodiversity in marine environments, both important indicators of how healthy our environment is.

We caught up with some of our scientists as they sampled and worked in the Clyde estuary and captured the work they do on camera. You can watch them carry out their work in our online videos.

SEPA at work: Water quality in the Clyde estuary

The Clyde estuary allowed Glasgow city to develop and prosper, particularly the shipbuilding industry. It also provided a place for the disposal of the waste created by those working and living in the city, causing a deterioration of the Clyde’s water environment.

Watch our video to see how we monitor this historic pollution and find out whether we can improve water quality in the Clyde estuary.

SEPA at work: Biodiversity in the Clyde estuary

Biodiversity in the Clyde estuary is improving and a wider variety of species can be found living in the water environment now than in previous years. But how do we know that?

Watch our scientists capture, monitor and record the types of species living in the Clyde estuary.


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