Spotfire – a new, innovative way to display water quality information


A new, web-based application is transforming the way Scotland’s public bodies display their information about Scotland’s environment. 


SEPA Director David Pirie said: “Scotland’s Environment Web and Spotfire present a tremendous opportunity to make a real difference to the environment. It’s about bringing people together and working collaboratively. Displaying information from a number of sources, all on one map, is something we wouldn’t have been able to do in the past. Spotfire allows us to do that seamlessly, making the raw data available and allowing the community to choose how they want to use it.”

Scotland’s Environment Web project is leading the way in developing digital technologies to help the public discover more about Scotland’s environment. Scotland’s Environment Web, a partnership of public sector organisations in Scotland, is using Spotfire, a visual data analysis tool, to overlay multiple sets of environmental data that different organisations hold, and present that data in an accessible and useable form. The first Spotfire app to be released is on water quality, and is designed for users with varying levels of knowledge; from members of the general public, to education, local authorities, planners and professionals. Several more applications are planned over the coming months.

The water application will show the overall quality of all surface water in Scotland, and a summary of how many and which water bodies have improved or deteriorated over time. Users will find more detail on each individual stretch of water monitored. A map of Scotland will show what condition our waters are in. This can then be filtered, allowing the user to interrogate and analyse the data, which can be exported for use in reports and presentations, either in map, graph or table form.

Spotfire provides users with a platform which will make complex environmental data much easier to access and understand, allowing them to focus the information to their area or level of interest. Importantly for the user, it is all web-based and can be used on the Scotland’s Environment website without the need to download any additional tools.







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