Stirling High School pupils have big ideas for environment website


Pupils from Stirling High School have come up with a range of ideas and concepts to encourage young people to get more involved in their environment. The project has resulted in ‘5 Big Ideas’ which are now being developed further by Scotland’s Environment Web.

Scotland’s Environment Web brings together information to help and support the public to understand, protect and improve the environment. Young people are an important audience for Scotland’s Environment Web so who better to ask for help than young people themselves? Techniques were used to ensure the students themselves took the lead during a four day workshop, giving them full control of how they worked and the outputs produced. This exciting piece of work resulted in these ‘5 Big Ideas’: a game, mobile phone app, a quiz, youth designed web pages and a social networking site.

Scotland’s Environment Web were so impressed by the enthusiasm, commitment and ideas of the young people that four more workshops were scheduled during November 2012. Working with Space Unlimited and project partners Abertay University  they were able to develop their ideas into reality. Three of the five ideas have been taken forward and prototypes created by the young people involved. These include:

  • a video game called ‘Wild Defence’ showing the different problems our environment may face in the future;
  • a mobile phone app allowing access to information regarding your local environment and what you can do to help;
  • re-designed website pages to maximise their appeal to a young audience.

The young people have learned a huge amount from getting involved. Cameron, one of the pupils who took part said: “We recognise we have gained a lot from the experience; confidence in ourselves, improved interpersonal skills, increased knowledge in IT and web development, and most significantly, satisfaction from all our hard work. I never thought we’d get the chance to actually make the prototypes for real, so that’s been fantastic”.

Following on from this refreshing piece of work, Scotland’s Environment Web is initiating a youth discussion on Scotland’s environment. It aims to inspire young people to get more involved in their environment and talking about what they think is important. Materials will be provided that will support classroom debates on nominated environmental topics, a competition with tempting prizes for individuals, classes, teams and groups, an ambitious closing event and an online forum. Teachers, youth workers and young people are all invited to take part.

For more information on the work Scotland’s Environment Web has been doing with young people including a storyboard, video diaries and more information about the youth discussion visit the Get involved section of the website.


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