World leaders prepare to sign Paris climate agreement



Today (22 April 2016) sees a day-long celebration which will mark the opening for signature of the Paris climate change agreement at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

More than 160 countries have expressed their intention to sign the agreement which was finalised in Paris last December.

The agreement is designed to put the world on course for strong and decisive action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions rapidly and help all nations build a truly sustainable future for their citizens.

The agreement aims to keep global temperature rise to below +2°C, with an aspiration to keep the rise below 1.5°C through a series of national commitments to reduce planet-warming emissions. It also contains measures to help poorer countries deal with the impacts of climate change.

Our Chief Executive, Terry A’Hearn, said: “Successful societies in the 21st century will tackle climate change head-on. For SEPA, more than ever, we need to put our science, skills and know-how to work for Scotland. Today’s signing reminds us that we’re part of a global partnership to put the planet back on a stronger footing to the benefit of all its citizens.”




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