VIBES winners story: Peel Tech Ltd


VIBES logoIt’s the final call for entries to the Vision in Business for the Environment of Scotland (VIBES). If you still haven’t decided whether your company should enter, take a look at our last winner story and be inspired!

If an average chip shop was to peel 10 bags of main crop potatoes per day, they would be producing around 420kg of waste potato peel and starch per week, a fact that Malcolm Wood, Director of Peel Tech Ltd can tell you without thinking about it. That is almost 22 tonnes a year of peel and starch produced by a single chip shop!

VIBES 2014 Hydro Nation Award winner, Peel Tech Ltd, based in Ballingry, Fife, has developed a small scale potato waste-water treatment and starch recovery process.

“Discharging potato peelings into sewers interferes with the free flow of water in contravention of the Sewerage (Scotland) Act 1968. In addition, our recovery process helps to meet a new regulatory duty to take all reasonable steps to ensure the separate collection of food waste. Dealing with all the peel and starch is now a significant challenge for small scale potato processing businesses such as fish and chip shops” said Mr Wood.

The new cost-effective unit helps to solve the issue by capturing the food waste (potato peelings and starch) so that it can be segregated for separate collection. Additionally, there is the potential to utilise the waste starch from potato preparation activities. Peel Tech Ltd also has a lot of ideas for the future.

“Another model is now being developed for other applications such as dewatering waste soup from commercial kitchens, capturing hair and detergents from hair salons, rice starch from takeaways and coffee grinds from coffee shops.

“At Peel Tech, we pride ourselves for putting sustainability at the heart of our business and it was great to have our efforts recognised by the team at the VIBES Awards.”

Beyond recognition of their work, VIBES has brought some other benefits to the company and opened the doors to other business awards. Peel Tech Ltd will be one of the ten companies representing UK in the European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE) this year. To find out more about the company, read their VIBES case study.

Mr Wood concludes: “Being a VIBES Award Winner has been a great business opportunity for us. It has enabled us to present our product and extend its utility to other markets.”


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