VIBES winners story: The Lobster Pod


VIBES logoThe promise of guaranteed feedback and advice should be enough incentive to encourage businesses to enter the Vision in Business for the Environment of Scotland (VIBES) awards. But in case you are still sceptical about the benefits, read what previous winner, The Lobster Pod, says about its VIBES experience.

A VIBES 2015 Micro Business Award Winner, The Lobster Pod came up with an innovative, patent pending live shellfish storage and transportation system to combat shellfish fatalities in transit, which costs the industry £4 billion annually.

The Lobster Pot developed a unique controlled atmosphere system that creates the optimum conditions for lobster, crab, langoustine and other shellfish species, increasing shellfish survival rate to over 99% and saving £12,000 for every lorry load of shellfish.

Errin Todd, Sea-E-O and Founder said: “Lobster Pod was designed to improve animal welfare and therefore to reduce losses of live shellfish during transit. We are proud that our technology achieves significant reduction in water during transport and removes the need for dumping the water at delivery avoiding the risk of pollution, waste and transfer of invasive species. Reduced weight saves fuel and carbon emissions enabling Lobster Pod to perform better than traditional transport methods.”

The VIBES judges considered that the product was highly innovative and had great potential to offer clear environmental and economic benefits to a wide range of customers in the shellfish supply chain.

The VIBES awards also opened wider opportunities for the company. The Lobster Pod is one of the 10 companies selected to represent UK at the European Business Awards for the Environment (EBEA).

Mrs Todd added: “As a start-up business, the VIBES application process was very useful to identify what information and environmental processes we could put in place. It has been a great opportunity for us to showcase our product in Scotland but also the chance to present at a European level with the EBAE.”

If you would like to learn more about the company, read their VIBES case study.


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