Our new People Strategy 2017-2022


PeopleOur professional and highly skilled workforce has helped us to become one of the top environment protection agencies (EPA’s) in the world. In the 21st century, the challenges facing EPA’s have changed, and to ensure we deliver the best outcomes for the communities we serve, we must adopt new ways of working.

We have an ambitious new statutory purpose and Regulatory Strategy – One Planet Prosperity. Our success in delivering these depends on our people and this is why we have launched a new People Strategy.

We will retain, recruit, and develop the most talented people who have the skills and approach to create one of the first regulatory systems in the world that’s suited to the challenges of today. We will be an organisation people are clamouring to work for, with a reputation for delivering excellent results for Scotland.

To achieve this, we have set out four priorities in our People Strategy which characterise how we will work:

Leading by example

We will inspire colleagues, customers and partners through our commitment and integrity, by constantly looking for ways to be an EPA fit for the 21st century. We will show leadership with our partners in Scotland and across the world. We will be world class in leading and managing our people and develop excellent managerial capability, and each of us will demonstrate our personal leadership skills.

Being skilled and motivated to perform at our best

We will retain, recruit and develop the best talent. Each of us will be clear about what is expected and have the confidence to make the best decisions for Scotland’s environment and its people. We will focus on actions that make a real difference and have a culture of continuous learning.

Working together to deliver

To perform at our best we must build strong relationships that allow co-creation and practical delivery. Forming teams that recognise and benefit from diversity will help us innovate and better deliver our services.

Being flexible and agile

Essential to delivering great outcomes is providing diverse and exciting career opportunities so we can focus on what achieves the greatest benefit to Scotland’s environment and its people. We will embrace changing priorities and be flexible in how we work to deliver them.

Every SEPA member of staff will contribute to achieving these priorities and we will see a definitive change in how the organisation delivers its outcomes. Whether you are a customer, a partner, a potential candidate or a staff member, you can look forward to seeing us demonstrate these characteristics in how we work.


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