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star candidateWe’re currently in the process of accepting applications to our 2017 graduate trainee scheme. We take a closer look at some of the qualities that we are looking for in successful candidates, as well as providing some pointers on how you can demonstrate these to maximise your chance of a successful application.

In an ever changing environment we’re looking for employees who are adaptable and willing to focus their knowledge and expertise on a range of challenges as the need arises.

Our graduate trainee scheme aims to select people who can demonstrate their ability to work in different situations, across a range of teams. As well as good communication skills and a willingness to form new working relationships, we’re looking for candidates that can demonstrate the following four characteristics:


Here we’re looking for dynamic team players who will support their fellow colleagues by offering help, and encouraging participation and contribution from others. We’re looking for people to be able to demonstrate how their personal contribution has been able to help a team reach its full potential. This could either be as part of a group/club, student society, part-time job or work placement.


Here we’re looking for confident individuals who excel in adapting to new, exciting and challenging environments. We’re looking for people who can demonstrate their leadership potential, and this can be evidenced through your involvement in holding a key role in a group, club or student group, for example.


Here we’re looking for people that can transform creative ideas into action, and who thrive on change. We’re looking for people to be able to demonstrate how they have improved a situation by producing new ideas and workable solutions.


Here we’re looking for people that recognise opportunities and have the courage to act. We’re looking for people that can highlight situations where they’ve stepped out of their comfort zone, or stood up for something they believe in.

Above all, it’s important to make sure that your personality comes through on the application. We’re looking for people to join our business and drive it forward, not responses on an application from. Don’t tell us what you think you want us to hear, be authentic in your answers.  Also, please don’t copy and paste previous answers, think carefully about what we’re asking and tailor your responses accordingly.

Once the application form has been scored, successful candidates will be asked to complete two online tests. One will be verbal reasoning and the other will be numerical reasoning.  We’d recommend that you leave yourself approximately 90 minutes to complete each test and take it in an environment which will allow you to concentrate and not be interrupted. Once the test has been submitted, it can’t be retaken, so make sure you’re completely happy with your work before submitting.

Candidates who pass the online testing will be invited to an assessment centre. We want the day to be as fun and as interactive as possible, allowing you to get to know us, as well as us getting to know you.  The day will be run over two sessions – a morning and an afternoon, and you could be invited to either.  The day will be run at Forth Valley College campus in Stirling – just a stone’s throw from our corporate headquarters.

There will be a range of members of the SEPA team on hand for you to talk to – giving you a real opportunity to ask any questions you have of us. The day will consist of a one-to-one interview, a group exercise and presentation and a written exercise.  Our aim is to decide on the successful candidates and contact them within a couple of days of the assessment centre.

If this sound like you and you want to work for a forward thinking environment protection agency that’s ready to meet the significant challenges of the 21st century, why not apply?

Further information about the scheme can be found on our website.

Remember that the closing date for applications is Friday 24 March 2017.


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